St. Paul Sober Living

649 Grand Ave. #4 St. Paul, MN 55105
Office: 651.636.SPSL (7775) Fax: 651.699.9800

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Since 2001 St. Paul Sober Living has been committed to providing quality, supportive, well-organized sober-living residences for men and women looking to begin to live sober and develop a full life in recovery.

We operate 100 beds in 11 houses.
4 Men’s & 4 Women’s houses in St. Paul, Minnesota
1 GLBT house in Minneapolis, Minnesota
2 Men’s houses in Carbondale, Colorado (The Aspen Valley)

Our houses are centered in the heart of strong recovering communities known for their vibrant support of recovery and the sober lifestyle.

The SPSL experience is about creating a supportive, healthy environment in all our homes that allows our residents the opportunity to become active members of the recovering community and society at large. SPSL houses not only provide a place to live, but give newly recovering residents a sober peer group from which to draw strength, guidance and acceptance.

The overriding philosophy of SPSL is that the group can accomplish what the individual cannot on his/her own. In the end, our residents are the program, passing on their experience, strength and hope to each new generation of newly sober men and women.

The program at SPSL involves:
• Commitment to a minimum six-month stay
• Active participation in Alcoholics Anonymous, including at least
three meetings weekly
• Employment of least 32 hours weekly, or reasonable combination of school,
employment and volunteer work
• Holding a weekly service commitment in A.A. or other approved community
volunteer activity
• Attendance at two house meetings weekly, The house meeting, where group inventory
and other house issues are discussed, as well as an organized 12 step study group
• Mandatory active 12-step sponsorship with required face to face weekly meetings.
This sponsor must be experienced and capable of guiding the newly sober person
through the twelve steps
• Demonstrating a desire to grasp and develop a healthy sober life